About Us


Can we ask you a favor? we just want you to imagine the world you see is the world you crave, we bet your imagination would be full of wonder and full of joy, maybe some of you will create the endless peaceful and calm but some of you will see the world like an action movie, every living thing always had a desire and dream, likeable and unlikable things, hopes and fear .after that let us tell you some story about our world if we may?


We have an main image too, our world is simple but quietly complex, beautiful harmony between every single creature every natural strive, every little molecul light comes down from the sun and every single breath, it just like the tree and the bird live in some spot in the wood playing like naughty brother and silly sister, the water stream with noisy musical instrument in river who always lead the way for tiny fish and all the living things to eternal pure clarity, every harmony must be earn. Every litlle spark of your hopes and dream is the vibes of kindness, we believe all of you still holding tight your ultimate kindness, but the problem is, every denial of your kindness will make the world like what our world now.


You and us are the main natural harmony bearer, we took all of the chances for the risk of our wonderfull world, one of your brave small step is the only thing world need, we call you for the endless adventure of good and beautiful, the activity that explode from your deepest heart, because we believe in you, and you always can do better and better again.


Better is what we try to  do to our product and services, with the important idea from our motto “happy folk lived”. Happy people live ever after in balance harmony and spirit of the nature, the positive thought and the spirit of sustainable beneficial action from the pure warm heart.


We call our self svggest, literaly its some positive word for the important action and advice, we want everyone from your sense do something like your mom do, who gave you good advice and take care of you. and do like your father do, who encourage you like you are the champion  of the great battle. we believe you can bear for what you hold, kindness pledge.